I am glad that a West Midland escort was able to accept the real me.

There are still a lot of things that my Beautiful West Midland escort girlfriend does not know about me. I admit that I am aboard to show her the real me because I am very protective of her and I do not want to cause a lot of tension between the both of us. The truth is that I have been in a relationship with this West Midland escort’s sister in the past. I failed to mention it to her because I do not know how she would react. I am sure that it would only add a lot of complication between the both of us and no one really wants that to happen. My relationship with this West Midland escort is going so well and I do not want to mess things up with her again. I now that my life is still a lot problematic and telling her the truth would make her hate me. I do not really want this West Midland escort to hate me at all. She is a good person and making her understand that we still have a lot of things to discover might be hard on her. I believe that we have something special to offer each other but first we have to believe on our self and our abilities to forgive. But as our relationship continue to grow the lie was harder to contain. Until one night when I got drunk, I accidentally told this West Midland escort the truth. She was shocked and surprised as to what she has heard. She told me that she did not expect for me to carry this lie this big. This West Midland escort was starting to have a lot of doubts in our relationship as I have expected. I told myself that this woman might be the right choice for me but if I could not fix my relationship with her my life might be over. There are still a lot of things I have not done in my life. I do not want to make my life harder that it has to be. Being wit this West Midland escort has given me a lot of meaning in my life and I could not really forgive myself if I could not fix my relationship with my favourite West Midland escort. I know that I may not have a lot of good thing to talk about with her about my past but I also feel relieved that she is able to see me as my true self. That lie was also making me miserable and for her to know the truth was also good for me in a way. Thankfully her temper had gone down and was able to reason with me again. This West Midland escort is a good person who makes me feel good about myself all the time. I know that there are still a lot of good things that can happen in my life eventually. I just have to deal with a lot of good things in the future so that I would mess things up again with my West Midland escort.

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