A Life Addicted To Porn

By / October 12, 2016

To some people, porn addiction sounds like some kind of a joke, or like something enjoyable. But to those who actually suffer from an addiction to pornography, there is nothing fun or exciting about it. Many lives have been ruined by it, careers and marriages destroyed, and psychological problems are often a result. Porn addiction is defined as porn addiction is an intense preoccupation with imagery (video, photos, strip clubs, etc.) lasting at least six months and resulting in significant problems in the life of the viewer/participant.

What is the life of a true porn addict like? Let’s take an in-depth look at just how devastating this problem can be to every aspect of someone’s life:

The porn addict almost never realizes he is becoming addicted. He sees his enjoyment of porn as a perfectly normal, typical interest the same as any other healthy male has. This is the first trap. Not everyone who views pornography becomes addicted to it. Many people do enjoy it in a healthy, responsible manner without allowing it to become a preoccupation, then an addiction. The addict may start out viewing porn magazines, visiting XXX websites, visiting strip clubs, only on an occasional basis. Little by little, he finds himself thinking more and more about porn during the times he is not viewing it. This occurs at very inconvenient and inappropriate times, such as during work hours and time with family. He may feel guilty about this and try to control it or stop altogether, but eventually it becomes impossible, and his thoughts constantly revolve around porn.

Porn addicts often lose their jobs because they are caught accessing porn at work, or they allow their obsession with it to spill over into conversations with co-workers in an inappropriate manner or setting. They often spend hundreds of dollars on online subscriptions to porn sites, disregarding their bills and other necessities.

Probably one of the most often affected and most serious results of a porn addiction is the destruction of relationships. Marriages often end in divorce not only due to one partner or the other developing this addiction, but also because oftentimes an addiction to porn turns into an addiction to sex, and the partner ends up being unfaithful. Porn addiction can make a significant other feel insecure, unloved, undesirable. This of course quickly brings an end to a relationship.

There is help to end porn addiction. There are 12-step programs for this type of addiction just like there are for alcohol, drug, and gambling addicts. Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed to seek help for this particular problem. They feel that they will not be taken seriously, or that they are weak because they have been unable to overcome the problem on their own. This is not the case, and counseling and 12-step programs are very helpful in getting this terrible addiction under control so that the addict can get his life back on track once more.

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